Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well the weather is crappy today so I guess I will just scrap....with the little amount of stuff I have here. Well....only for the few hours while my little man is at school. The temp. here has been GREAT...around 70 but somethimes it gets around 58 at night. None the less better that England snow right now. No word on a job but the time will come I guess....I hope. I am getting very worries though. On the other hand though....Everyday is a closer day to all of my house hold stuff arriving. No date yet but I am hopefull about that too. Be crafty yall!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well Yall things are super slow at getting back together but they are going. My house hold stuff was FINALLY packed up in England on Friday. MAN I miss all my craft stuff. It is going to be like Christmas when it all gets here. Not sure when it will arrive but maybe some time around Feburary....I hope. Well, I am going to try to post more on here now. Not sure about posting pictures but that time will come. Miss you craft world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!