Friday, December 31, 2010

These are my older sisters 3 kids she left behind. She pasted away on Dec.11th, 2010, she was 33 years old.

Recap of 2010:
Jan - hubby left for 2 months
March - hubby came back, our 4 year anniversary
April - hubby left for Afghan for 4 months, son's 2nd anniversary after Autism diagnosis, Autism Awareness Month
August - turned 31....SCARRY!!!!
September - hubby returned from Afghan, wanted a divorce, son turned 4 years old, lost 15 pounds
October - moved back to the US from England, lost job, car, family, house, a little sanity, many great friends
November - cooked Thanksgiving for my family for the first time since 2002
December - sister passed away on the 11th, went to court to sign divorce papers on the 20th, celebrated Christmas with my family as a single mom.

Seriously...............I am DONE!

2011 I am going to kick your ass!
Well I survived Christmas and about to make it to 2011. My house hold stuff is not here yet....figures. Jared, my now ex husband, bought us a computer so he can see Azland, our son, on the web cam. I was really suprised by that. HOWEVER, he DID NOT call Azland for Christmas. GGGGRRRRRRR BUT as usual I am here to make Azland happy and he was and is. He had a great Christmas and this new year will be great too. Keep moving forward RIGHT!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My sons last day of school, for Christmas break, is today. He is out till Jan. 4th. HOLLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell am I going to do? Alone with him for that long could cause some serious metal stress on me. (and maybe him) Guess we will have to run laps up and down the road till we can not run any more. That will help get his wiggles out. :) I better make a list of day to day activities so I don't age 10 years. LOL

Monday, December 13, 2010

My sister, Heather, passed away on Saturday, December long drug addict. Funny thing is...last year on this same day my great uncle, who was murdered by his lover, was buried on this day. I think this year has been a pretty hard year for me.....hubby gone for the first 9 months, getting a divorce, sis passes away, move to another country, loose my family, car, job, house...BUT all in all I am happy I am healthy, alive, and smiling. Not to mention the same goes for my son, AND we have each other. I guess that makes this year OK after all!!! Keep on smiling Yall!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I know when I am back in the south when I here rednecks laughing and saying "some-bitch", enjoying the smell of a bon fire and watch the ambers get lost in the star lite sky, hear a shot gun go off in the distance, and the sound of mud tires hum on the black top. I look up, smell the air, and smile. It's so good to be home!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I went to the lawyers office yesterday and signed my divorce papers. On the 20th of December I have to show up in court at 9AM so the judge can sign them. Hard to belive this shit is over only after not even 5 years. I would have never quite but he did. (Its amazing what another girl can do.) On the other hand my son and I are fine. He is loving life and I am trying too. Still no job yet but the sun is shinning in our face.