Sunday, July 25, 2010

I made this paper bow long time ago and I thought I would share it. Let me know if you have any questions or if it is confusing.

Starting with a 6 x 12 piece of paper/cardstock (use a scrap piece first as a test)

1. cut 8 - 1x6 strips
2. turn paper and cut 1 - 1x1 strip (this is for your center)
3. turn paper and cut 4 - 1x1 strips

1. take your group of 8 and make 2 - 4 strip groups....(if it is double sided paper) flip one stack so you will have a contrast in color. Take a 1/16 hole punch and punch a hole (for a brad later on) at one end of all strips. Hold the bottom of one strip with one hand...take the other hand, grab the top of that strip and bring it down making the point (or loop) of the bow. Using a small piece of tape to hold it in this to all 8 pieces. Once all are done secure with a small brad.

2. Do the same thing with the 4 - 1x1 groups and secure with a brad.

3. Once all groups are done, using a glue dot make your layers. Off step them to add dimension. Take your 1x1 strip, bring it together like a circle and tape it. Then fasten it in the center with a glue dot.

4. Put a glue dot on the bottom but leave the plastic pieces on it for storage reasons...that way when you want to use it later you already have an adhesive on the bottom.

I sure hope this makes since. Try it a few time and see what you come up with. AND This is a great "make ahead" items too.

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