Friday, December 31, 2010

These are my older sisters 3 kids she left behind. She pasted away on Dec.11th, 2010, she was 33 years old.

Recap of 2010:
Jan - hubby left for 2 months
March - hubby came back, our 4 year anniversary
April - hubby left for Afghan for 4 months, son's 2nd anniversary after Autism diagnosis, Autism Awareness Month
August - turned 31....SCARRY!!!!
September - hubby returned from Afghan, wanted a divorce, son turned 4 years old, lost 15 pounds
October - moved back to the US from England, lost job, car, family, house, a little sanity, many great friends
November - cooked Thanksgiving for my family for the first time since 2002
December - sister passed away on the 11th, went to court to sign divorce papers on the 20th, celebrated Christmas with my family as a single mom.

Seriously...............I am DONE!

2011 I am going to kick your ass!

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