Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well I finally got the email about my house hold stuff and it is here! It will be delivered to my house on Thursday. HOLLY CRAP I am excited. I will finally be able to start crafting and making videos AGAIN! Man, this is great news.

Also, my very best friend in England, Jennifer, just went to the hospital early have her baby boy. I just hope her hubby does not pass out on her. (sorry Mike) Stay strong Jen and I am thinking about you 3.

When there are good things there are bad as well. OR At least that is the way my life has been lately. I am still fighting to get unemployment since October now and NOTHING yet. AND The car I was using has broken down. GGGGRRRRRRRR

BUT I am still looking at the positive side of things even if I have to make one up. LOL I mean after all who can be upset when there is a baby coming into this world to great people. AND Both parents are going to ROCK!!!!
Love you Mike and Jen and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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