Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter Yall!!!!

Today started out a little crazy. Azland woke up around 5:30am screaming he is in pain. He said "It hurts, It hurts" and pointed to his ear. He has NEVER told me what was wrong with him before. SO....this means he is communicating better than ever. SO we went to the ER only to find out he had a big piece of harden wax blocking his ear drum an a ear infection behind it. Poor guy. So....we got some meds and now we wait.

He is actually taking a nap for the first time in about 7 months. WHOOT WHOOT for me!!! He was still about to have a great time eating candy (of course) and hunting for eggs. However, he did not want to hunt long for them. Me and my mom ended up finding the rest of them cause he was over it.

Gosh can yall believe it is almost May 2011. Sheesh were does time go!!

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