Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello everyone. I have been working on my journal and it is helping me big time. I have noticed once the journal is closed and two pages touch they rub off a little on each other (a few marks here and there)...long after they are dry. SO...I am covering them with mod podge and seeing how that works. I have done 3 pages and so far it looks good. (only brush 1-2 times or the pen ink will smear) Some of the pages I will have to keep private...well you know how that goes....but I will still share some of them too. :)

Since this all happened I have lost almost 10lbs, 2 pants size and 1 shirt size...AND...well we will not have talk about my bra size :(...very sad. All the weight fell off with in 3-4 days. I still can not eat, sleep, not feel sick, wanting to pass out from time to time or cry on command. I have always been a very strong person so I know I will come out a stronger one. All in due time I guess.

I have been waiting on my date to leave my current location over seas and return home to the US. Once I am there I think things will be easier for me. Out of sight out of minds ya know. One thing is for sure son will be safe and happy as long as I am living...AND...I guess that is all that matters right now.

Thank yall for letting me vent and share it all with yall.

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