Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well everyone I have found a little tiny (not much) amount of my art side again. Only because of a pretty cool person that I had the pleasure of meeting....I follow her blog and we are stationed at the same place....check her out yall
She and I had lunch yesterday and of course ended up in a really cool paper/journal/art store. I found this book with black paper and my mind started going. I though how cool would a white pen look on this paper. The she said to wrote down all my thoughts about my divorce in it that way I can get it out. WOW what a great idea. SO...this is what I have done thus far. (there are many nasty words so FYI) I was not going to blog about it all but she also gave me that idea. I guess after all this blog is about me personally so why not right. That way all of you can be my healers. Thank you for helping me along this rough road ahead.


  1. Tis a really good idea, getting everything onto paper. :) *loves*

  2. We are going to get through this girl. Like I said WOW you really put it out there on the very first page and that is what it is ALL about getting it out in the manner you see fit. No one is going to judge you and if they do they are idiots.

    I am glad I was able to help you in any way even though I was trying to make you smile a lot well mostly it's because I have that ugly cry hee hee.

    Love you girl .. xoxo