Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning TIme!!!!!

Hey Yall,

SOOOOO I think its that time AGAIN were I get down and dirty cleaning my craft room.  GGGGRRRRR it sounds sooo good but man oh man I don't want to (this is me on the floor kicking and screaming like a little kid) BUT the time had come for it to happen.  SOOOO this means no projects posted until its ALLLL done!!! 

OK OK OK I am going to try not too anyway...Yall know how hard it is!! LOL



  1. Give me some inspiration....I desperately need to do that too

  2. You should post before and after photos! I also have been dragging my feet, I need to do a HUGE clean out and reorganize but I would rather craft on the floor than clean my counter!

  3. LOL I always feel like that, but hey when cleaning comes around you find all these supplies you had forgotten about :o)
    ♥ Cyndy