Thursday, November 1, 2012

Had computer issues but all better now!!

Hello Yall!!!!

WOW, its been a little while.  I had to put my computer in the hospital but now its all better and I'm ready to go.  :)

Here are the pictures of my goodies I made in September for my son's 6th birthday.  Man, time go toooo fast.

 I found these pictures on the computer.  I blew them up and tapes them to the front of cotton candy containers. 
 I also found this picture on the computer but photo shopped the words on them.  So cute and funny!
 A friend of mine made his cake.  LOL  Tooooo cute and he LOVED it!

My friend also made the cupcakes to look like grass with M&Ms on them as the eggs.  I made the toppers from pictures off the computer. 

Everyone had a blast and Azland (my son) LOVED all the Angry Bird decorations.  We had to leave them up for a few days after. lol

I hope everyone is doing well and those who have been effected by Hurricane Sandy my heart is with Yall!  (seems like Hurricane Sandy was similar to Hurricane Katrina which I went through....ugh...stay strong Yall)


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