Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Yall

Hey Yall,

Well my Christmas has now came and went.  We all had our Christmas Wednesday.  My little man is with his daddy this year.  :(  It was so fun to watch him open all his new gifts.  He gets so focused on the little things sometimes.  I bought him a "Go Fish" game and when he turned it on I caught him looking down on it watching the fish go in cirlces.  I bet he did that for 10 minutes.  LOL  Hey at least he likes the toy huh! LOL

I also bought him a blue guitar because he loves music.  When I walked in the door with it (stored it at boy friends house) he ran over to me and started singing away.  He was strumming his guitar the whole time.  LOL  I didn't even get to move from the door mat.  He just loved it and that made my day.

So....for the next few days I am going to my boyfriends house to spend Christmas with them.  Even though I already had my Christmas with Azland I really wish he could be here with me.  BUT  He doesn't get to see his dad that much so I guess that is a pretty cool gift for them both.



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